Keep Your Dear’s Heritage Visual with Grave Headstone


Coping with the final departure of your loved one is not an easy task. Even death perhaps is not strong enough to wipe out that strong bond. Memories are still all too strong, the emotions all too raw. Yet the world must go on. Giving your loved one a dignified funeral and laying him or her to eternal rest is a responsibility that you have to carry out. The final laying down of the body in the grave will be complete only with the proper headstone in place.

Fact finding stands first

At this difficult time, searching for the right kind of grave headstones for your loved ones is certainly a hard task to do. There are a number of portals where you can log on to and choose the material and respective design of headstone. The catalogue details the price and design with specification of the material. It is important to keep in mind a few factors before you make the final choice of material and design. Moreover, it is better that you find out if the local cemetery of your place has laid down any specification about the erecting headstones.

Go with the specifications mentioned

While certain cemetery may follow the national code laid down of prescribed material with specific dimensions, especially in conservation areas, others may limit to placing only a wooden memorial for six months only after which a permanent memorial can be placed. Once you know the specifications of the law, you may consider the following statistics to make your final choice of material for the grave stone:

  • The earliest grave headstones were made out of field stones
  • Marble and granite have gained popularity over the years as they have higher durability by nature. Marble and limestone however are more prone to decay than granite, though both marble and limestone were extensively used earlier
  • Slate has a pleasing texture and takes the lettering well, especially when gilded in white, but again, it is slightly porous which makes it prone to be delaminated
  • Sandstone is a durable variety of natural stone yet soft enough to take the lettering well

Your choice within your budget

You can preserve the memories of the deceased by customizing their headstone according to your budget by opting for the local variety of durable stone available with the nearest headstone maker. Often, these establishments are more affordable and can offer you a variety of design to suit your specification. They offer a range of designs that will be suitable as the headstone for your loved one. It is better to keep the design simple in keeping up with the dignity and solemnity factor involved.

Keep it simple

Simple slant or a straight cut are good options to fall within your budget. Two other factors that can affect the price of the grave headstones are colour and size of the stone. Red and Black stones are more expensive variants while a cheaper option is grey stone. These are different qualities of granite which are more durable than any other stone and only a catastrophe can destroy them. A popular variant is the black laser where one can add the photograph of the deceased and give a lasting tribute to him or her. You will have to make sure that the engraving charges are included within the price quoted in the catalogue.

Shop online too

In case you do not have time to venture out and see to the ordering of the headstone in person, you can try logging on to the different portals and place your order. Some of these portals offer you the choice of online designing when the specifications are given. Charges vary and it is better that you make sure of the actual material they use for the head stone though they promise use of stones of high durability.

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